Family Fun at Plainfield Splash Island Aquatic Park

The Indianapolis area has been abuzz with the opening of Greenwood’s Freedom Springs Aquatic Park on Saturday, May 23. We were at Freedom Park on Saturday to take advantage of their free dog park so Remy could run off some of his energy. While we were there Magoo spotted the new water park and asked if we could go. It was a bit late in the day and a little too chilly, so we told her we could go another time. Sunday was significantly warmer, so we decided to take the kids to a pool. We were going to check out the new aquatic center, but Jeremy told me to look up Splash Island Family Water Park in Plainfield. Upon review of their site it appeared that they had more to offer for toddlers and younger children. We also liked the fact that once the outdoor portion of the park closed at 6 pm we would have the option to move into the indoor portion. We packed up our suits, sun hats, sunscreen, towels, stroller, and made our way to Plainfield.

We arrived at the Plainfield Recreation and Aquatic Center at 651 Vestal Rd around 3:30 pm and paid $21 admission (2 adults, 1 three year-old, and an infant). Once we made our way to the outdoor water park we realized that it was more than worth the money. The park was very sizable and had something for everyone. There were kiddie pools that started out at 6″ deep, an interactive play area that was perfect for three year-old Magoo, a leisure pool, three water slides, etc. All of us, including 3 month-old Birdie enjoyed the leisure river. They have various types of inner tubes to use for the Leisure River, which was nice because there is something for everyone. Magoo used an individual tube that had an enclosed bottom, Jeremy used an individual tube with an open bottom, and Birdie and I used a double-tube which featured one spot with an open bottom and one that was enclosed, making the perfect spot for Birdie to lie in while we floated on down the “river.” The water in the leisure river was definitely cooler than the water in the interactive play area, which meant that Birdie and I only went around the leisure river 3 times, but Jeremy and Magoo went around about half-a-dozen times. Birdie and I were able to sit in the kiddie pool with no worries of him being splashed or it being too deep for him. Jeremy and I alternated taking Magoo into the interactive play area. She particularly enjoyed the medium sized kiddie water slide. We did not take advantage of all of the amenities that the aquatic park offered. None of us tried the three large water slides that they had, nor did we try the water basketball area that they had set up. At 6:00 pm when the outdoor water park was closing we did not move to the indoor waterpark because we were all pretty tuckered out by then.

We did get ice cream cones and a slice of pizza from the concession stand, which were priced appropriately for a concession stand (ice cream cones were $2 each). One thing that I really liked about the park was the fact that people were allowed to bring their own coolers in with food and drinks, which is what we would do when we return. It was also very easy to navigate our large double stroller through the park. The staff was very friendly, the lifeguards were very attentive, and the park was surprisingly clean. 

I have read other reviews where people state that the park is overpriced. At $21 admission for our family of four to enter it certainly isn’t an every weekend activity, but it is something fun to do on occasion and we definitely felt that you get what you pay for. They do also offer memberships, which is the best route to go if you are a larger family or a family that plans on visiting often. Being that they offer both an indoor and outdoor waterpark we would not hesitate to purchase a membership if it were located a little closer to where we will be living. We plan on trying out Freedom Springs and some of the local pools and if Splash Island is superior to those then we will purchase a membership.


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