Waterlogged – Stay hydrated & avoid overeating

I hate drinking. Period. I have such a difficult time remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day, which is especially troubling considering Birdie is still exclusively breastfeeding on demand. When Jeremy is home he is always reminding me to drink water, but since he works 10-12 hour days there’s usually a good chunk of the day that I don’t have that reminder. I came across an app called Waterlogged about two months ago and what a handy little tool it’s turned out to be!

Screenshot from today's log.

Screenshot from today’s log.

The app is free in the app store and it provides so many features! You can connect it to your Facebook, Fitbit, or your MyFitnessPal account. It also gives you the option of adding time or intervals reminders, which will pop up on your phone reminding you to hydrate! You can also be alerted when there are nearby users of the app. There are three easy-to-navigate themes to choose from, and you can choose what units of measurement you want to use (ounces, milliliters, or liters). The app provides recommendations for how much water intake is necessary depending on body type and health state.

I have found that since using the app and staying better hydrated I do not want to eat as often because I was often mistaking my thirst for hunger. I have less headaches and more energy when I remember to stay hydrated. Plus, my chronically chapped lips aren’t requiring excessive applications of lip balm. 😉

Overall, I think this is a handy little app to have on your phone if you find it difficult to remember to hydrate. Of course, it also helps to have a nice water bottle that you like keeping nearby. I’m now in search of one myself. Any recommendations?


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