Ideal Hair

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often wondered what your ideal haircut may be. I’ve found that my ideal haircut is what makes me feel best about myself. I have never had super long hair, but I have had hair past my shoulders, a pixie cut, and most everything in-between. While I do enjoy the option of being able to pull my hair back in a ponytail when it’s longer, I’ve always found that I’m most comfortable with super short hair. For me, it’s easier to care for, I don’t get the headaches that I get when I have my hair pulled back in a ponytail, and I think it suits my facial features.

I decided a few weeks ago that I was ready to take the plunge to go back to a pixie cut, but I wasn’t sure who I should trust with that task. I am not overly familiar with stylists in the Indianapolis area, so I did a little research to find someone I was comfortable with. It was important to me (and to hubby!) that the cut not appear too masculine. I wanted short, but I wanted it to have a feminine flair. Anissa Rubenalt of Ideal Hair Spa and I made contact via Facebook and once I saw her portfolio I was convinced that she was the one that could give me exactly what I was looking for. What better place to get your ideal haircut than Ideal Hair Spa?

Anissa’s salon is small, but it is oh-so-cute! Upon entering you can tell that she has taken the time to make her salon an inviting atmosphere. She wants you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself while you are there. She is an excellent conversationalist, making you feel as though you are in the presence of an old friend even if it is your first time meeting. Before we began, Anissa asked me if I needed anything and offe10477383_730581170373960_8470807994581199361_nred me a water, which I thought was a lovely touch. Her son, who is around Magoo’s age, was there since she was kind enough to accommodate my request for a Sunday appointment, and he was wonderfully behaved the entire time. He even wanted to help his mama sweep up the hair clippings once my appointment was finished!

Anissa took the time to familiarize herself with the texture of my hair and asked me 10850318_673822296049848_1024830953568919078_nquestions to better understand what my hair would look like once it was in the cut that I desired. She asked if I had any permanent color in my hair, when I had last chemically treated it, whether or not I had ever had my hair cut as short as I was requesting, how I liked the cut when I had it previously, and how my bangs laid when cut that short. It impressed me that she asked so many questions because all-too-often you walk into a salon, tell them what you want, and they do it no questions asked. I enjoy seeing a stylist who is just that – a stylist. Someone that can explain to you the pros and cons of your requested cut or color, based on your face shape, skin tone, texture of your hair, etc. Anissa is just that kind of stylist.

At Ideal Hair Spa you will find REFerence of Sweden hair products. This is what Anissa used to shampoo and condition my hair. The shampoo and conditioner had a nice smell and and left my hair feeling great. She also carries a product line that is geared toward men, called Gage for Men. She was sold out of the REFerence of Sweden styling agent that she used to texturize my hair, so I purchased one of the Gage for Men products instead. I don’t find that the smell is overly masculine and it seems to work well for my hair.

While there I also asked Anissa to wax my eyebrows and shape them for me. She did a wonderful job with my eyebrows, as well. I spent years tweezing/waxing/threading my eyebrows to get achieve the thin brow that was “in,” but now it seems that the trend is a thicker, fuller, more natural looking brow and I am having difficulty adjusting to this trend and my brows are having difficulty filling themselves in after over a decade of being plucked or waxed in some form. Anissa and I had a discussion about the new brow trend and she was able to give me some tips on how to fill th10170744_706198906145520_3043150256637918958_nem in with a pencil while I wait for them to grow back, and also told me about how long I may have to wait before they come back fully.

When I went to pay, I found that Anissa used a Square Stand, which was a breeze to use. It was streamlined and even calculated your tip for you based on what percentage you chose to tip. You were then able to choose if you wanted your receipt e-mailed to you or sent to you in a text message. I opted to have it sent as a text message and no sooner had I made my choice did my phone alert me that I had a new text, which was my receipt.

The end result was a cute, refreshing cut that gave me everything I asked for. My example pictures were of Halle Berry and Sharon Stone. Now, I did not exit Anissa’s salon looking like either of them because Anissa and her scissors can’t work that kind of magic, but my hair was exactly what I requested. In Anissa I also found a stylist that I plan on returning to see when I need a trim and a dye job. I didn’t opt for a color treatment when I went yesterday because we are still in the process of moving and finances are a bit tight, but once we are settled into our new home I know I will be calling Anissa and asking her to write my name into one of her appointment slots for a trim and color.

The hubs isn’t too keen on short hair, but even he likes the style. Last night he even mentioned that he would like to try Anissa’s salon next time he needs a hair cut. He browsed her Ideal Hair Spa Facebook page and looked at the list of services Anissa offers at her salon. He must have been impressed with her talent to consider going to see her the next time he needs a cut because he is a man who generally does not go anywhere other than a barber shop

A before and after of the transformation I received at Ideal Hair Spa

A before and after of the transformation I received at Ideal Hair Spa

You can find a list of services that are offered at Ideal Hair Spa here.

Ideal Hair Spa’s Facebook page can be found here and their website can be found here. To schedule an appointment you can call Anissa directly at (765) 461-3717. If you live in the Indy area and are looking for a hair cut and you want to support a small business owner who is talented, enjoys what she does, and provides an inviting atmosphere, I urge you to contact Anissa for an appointment. You won’t be disappointed!


One thought on “Ideal Hair

  1. Anissa Rubenalt says:

    This is seriously more than I thought or hoped for. You’re truly a sweetheart and have an amazing gift with writing. I wish you all the best success with your blogs. You have opened my eyes to a knew world of communicating. I cannot express what a true pleasure it was to meet you. I absolutely love you with a pixie. I hope we can have a play date with the kiddos soon! Thank you so much again. Truly a blessing.


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