Catholic Homeschool Planner

As many of you know, this year we are embarking on a homeschooling journey with Magoo. We will be doing preschool at home to see how home study works for our family before making any definitive decisions about her future schooling. I’m someone who needs lists, charts, planners, etc. to keep organized. I am also trying to find ways to incorporate our Faith into all of our daily activities, so when I came across Jennifer Rainey’s Catholic Homeschool Planner 2015-2016 I was thrilled. It features

  • Daily, undated planning pages for 52 weeks
  • Monthly planning pages for August 2015-July 2016
  • A list of Holy Days of Obligation and selected saints’ feast days for each month
  • Space to list quarterly and yearly grades for up to eight students
  • Pages to document your curriculum, reading lists, field trips, and more
  • Information on the Rosary and the Sacred Heart devotion
  • A list of common Catholic prayers
  • Saints’ quotes

“Jennifer Rainey is a Catholic convert of 10 years. She and her husband, Travis, have four beautiful children. After a career writing for a Catholic television show, Jennifer is now a proud homeschool Mom. Jennifer is also the author of the Kindle e-book A Catholic Mom’s Guide to Working From Home: 101 Tips to Help You Make Money Without a Commute.”

I contacted Jennifer and was able to obtain a PDF copy of her planner to familiarize myself with it. I’ve already planned Week 1, which I have scheduled for us to start on August 17.

Below are screen shots of our Week 1, which gives you an example of how you can use the planner. In another post I will elaborate on our Week 1 schedule and what some of the acronyms stand for.
Week 1 Catholic Homeschool PlannerWeek 1 Catholic Homeschool Planner

I was able to easily print these sheets out and place them on our refrigerator. This allows for Jeremy to be abWeek 1le to see what the plan for the week is. Even though he generally isn’t home during the study hours because he working I still want him to be involved in what Magoo is learning. We will try this schedule out for Week 1 and if it works many of the activities will be continued on into subsequent weeks.

There are also pages for individual months that allow you to pencil in the following:

  • What I want to accomplish
  • What I want my children to accomplish
  • Spiritual goals for the month
  • Special activities

At the bottom of the page the selected feast days are listed. I absolutely love and recommend this planner and I am looking forward to familiarizing myself with it even more throughout the school year. I love supporting small business, I love supporting our Faith, and I love supporting fellow homeschoolers. $10.54 to do so a small price to pay and you definitely get more than your money’s worth with this little planner.




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