Free Sam’s Club Membership to New or Expecting Mothers

Circle City Mama | Free Sam’s Club Membership to New or Expecting Mothers

UPDATE: I never received my return phone call, so I called the toll-free customer service line again and spoke with a women who explained that the representative that I spoke with yesterday was incorrect that Sam’s Club would call back to verify my information and then give me a member number. Instead, they are mailing out a packet that we should receive no later than October 15 and the packet will include the member number. We are to take that member number to Sam’s Club no later than November 17. The offer does expire on November 17 if you have not gone to your local Sam’s Club to get your physical membership card. Readers have verified that they are being told the same thing about the process and everyone is being promised their packet no later than October 15.

EDIT: A kind reader informed me that I had a mistake in the phone number. The number has been updated.
Sam’s Club is offering a FREE annual membership for all of us new or expectant mothers through Setember 29! Call 1-888-746-7726, choose option”2,” then choose option “3.” If you receive a busy signal, just keep calling in and trying again. It took me calling 27 times (yes, TWENTY SEVEN!) and then being on hold for 25 minutes before I reached a representative, but once I did he was very friendly and the process went smoothly and quickly. Tell the representative that you are calling for the New Mom Membership offer and they will ask for your name, email address, and mailing address.   

 You will then be given a reference number – be sure to write this down! Sam’s Club will call you back within a few hours (so I was told) to verify all of the information is correct and they will then give you a member number, which you take to your local Sam’s Club’s service desk to then have your photo taken for your membership card. The membership is active immediately and valid for one year! Be sure to share with all your mama friends!


7 thoughts on “Free Sam’s Club Membership to New or Expecting Mothers

  1. kadie says:

    They gave me my membership # right away. Never did I hear of them sending a packet. I’d call back just to be sure. Already got my sams club card from my local store & was super excited to start shopping.


    • circlecitymama says:

      Kadie, thank you! After calling again, it seems that they were initially giving out membership numbers over the phone, but after being inundated with phone calls they have decided to go the packet route.

      So glad you got your membership! 😀


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