Three Squares Bento Lunch Box

Gloria has been attending Catholic Schoolhouse in Zionsville on Thursdays and while we are there her class has 2 snacks, which requires that we have a lunch box. We purchased a lunch bag from Kohl’s at the beginning of the school year and I was often frustrated with it because every time we packed the lunch and tried to use the carrying handle the Velcro would come undone which sometimes caused the contents to fall out.

It seems like it should be relatively easy to decide on a lunch box and, of course, most little ones are going to head for a lunch box that features their favorite character (that week). Unfortunately, those types of lunch boxes do not seem to be designed to last or with the parent’s sanity in mind. I started researching various styles of lunch boxes and decided that I wanted to try a bento lunch box. I came across the Three Squares Bento Leakproof Kids Children’s Lunch Box Container on Amazon and knew I had to try it. We ordered it in Cotton Candy Pink for miss Glo and eagerly awaited delivery day. Once it was delivered, I told Gloria that she had a package and she was excited to open it with me. I started to worry while opening it that she may be disappointed once she realized that the Amazon box only contained a lunch box. I was relieved when she was even more excited once she saw the lunch box. She feels it is a “big girls” lunch box and absolutely loved the fact that the compartments have example images of the types of food that can be packed in the lunch box. She immediately started naming off the different foods that are featured and asked if we could pack every one of those into her lunch box.

We used her lunch box for school on December 10 and one of her teachers noticed that she had a new lunch box and complimented it. This, of course, made Gloria love the lunch box even more.

So, we’ve established that the almost-four-year-old thinks it’s pretty great, but what does Mom think? First and foremost, I love the fact that this lunch box is made from a thick, hard plastic. Three Squares does not make any claims as to the indestructability of this lunch box, but I would venture to say that you would be hard pressed to destroy this lunch box with average daily use. The quality and construction of the lunch box is exceptional. It goes without saying that I absolutely love the fact that the bento tray is all one piece – also made from thick, hard plastic – that can be removed and either hand washed or placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. I admit; I am not organized enough to keep track of a bunch of different containers each week. It makes it so much easier that the lunch box has the bento tray that has built-in containers. I have ran the bento portion of the lunch box through our dishwasher and I have also hand washed it. Honestly, both methods are easy as can be. The compartments are not difficult to wash if doing so by hand.

One thing that I would like to see added to the Three Squares lunch box is a carrying handle. With that being said, I can also make a guess as to why they may have willingly chose not to include the handle; the design of the lunch box is such that it makes it very easy to slip into any type of bag you or your child may carry. It is able to fit into Gloria’s small backpack and I wonder if it would be as easy for it to fit into small bags if it had an attached handle. Please do not let the fact that it fits into small bags lead you to believe that this lunch box is too small for a proper lunch. On the contrary, I am surprised at how much this lunch box is able to hold. An example of one lunch that Gloria packed is; ham, banana slices, peas, and cheese snack crackers. The lunch box was not by any meansĀ filled to maximum capacity while containing those items.

We have had no leaks with this lunch box and the fact that there seems to be a sort of a rubber seal around the edges of the lunch box is impressive to me. It seems like Three Squares went to great lengths to take into consideration every frustration parents have had with traditional lunch boxes and they decided to design a parent’s dream lunch box.

I did receive this lunch box in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I can say that I am definitely interested in purchasing one of the blue lunch boxes for Anchor once he is old enough for us to start packing a lunch for him. I love the organization these lunch boxes provide and for the price ($22.99) I don’t think you could find a better product.