Go on, write your story

Many years ago I was a devoted, and skilled, writer; I wrote poetry, short stories, and journaled daily. Somewhere along the line I decided to go back and read through old journal entries that allowed pains that I had long forgotten to resurface. It was at that point in time that I gave up writing.

It took me nearly a decade to realize that I had robbed myself of something beautiful. I had allowed pain and negativity to convince me to give up something that was cathartic. Worst of all, I had allowed the pain and negativity to convince me to destroy many of the writings that I had poured my heart and soul into, as though destroying those writings would somehow serve to rewrite my history into something a little less painful. You seimage1-3e, the thing about writing (and keeping record of it) is that it’s always there to serve as a reminder of what your past truly was. Without written record of your history it seems that the lines blur a little easier and you are able to convince yourself that things were somehow different. Once you turn your eyes to past writings the lines become very clear again and you are reminded of what your story truly is.

Just as much as past writings can conjure past hurts, they can help you to relive past blessings. The little moments that get lost in the chaos of daily life, yet are precious nuggets that we should hold onto tightly. My daughter is almost 4 and my son is almost 1 and in their short lives I have done both them and myself a disservice by not channeling that inner devoted, skilled writer to ensure that precious moments are preserved in their mother’s writings. They, and my husband, are the reason for my return to writing. My children because they deserve to have the writings to look back on and my husband because he believes in, and supports, me enough to encourage me to do so.

There may be things in our pasts that hurt when we later review them, but there will also be so, so many things that bring us so much joy. We all deserve to have the feelings of joy resurface.


Keep Calm and Carry the Babies!

I love babywearing. I started wearing Magoo in a pocket sling when she was a newborn and then got a Didymos woven wrap for my birthday when she was 8  months-old. I’ve used ring slings, woven wraps, soft structured carriers. I’ve tried Beco, Ergo, Tula, Didymos, Natibaby, Ellevill, Little Frog, Maya Wrap, Sleeping Baby Productions, Two Momma Designs, Oscha, etc. I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I know what works well and what could be improved upon.

I was offered the MiaMily Hipster 3-in-1 Baby Hip Carrier in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I received the carrier a little over a month ago and it has been my go-to carrier since.

Upon opening the box, I noted that this carrier is a bit bulkier than any that I have used in the past due to the structured seat. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bulkiness at first, but it has proven to not be an issue for our family. The structured seat is actually what makes Birdie enjoy this particular carrier so well. In our other soft structured carriers he does not sit up as high so he is unable to see as much of what is going on around him, which causes frustration after awhile. This particular carrier keeps him seated high on my back and he is easily able to see and engage with those around us.

In addition to Birdie enjoying the new view, I find that the carrier distributes weight in a different way than any other SSC I have used. The waist belt sits slightly lower than most carriers – closer to your hips – which takes some of the weight off of your back and shoulders. I have worn the carrier for extended periods of time (I wore it while we went bowling!) and I found it to be very comfortable.

I do, on occasion, still use my Beco. Usually I choose it if we are just making a quick run into a store for one or two items, but if I’m going to be wearing Birdie for any length of time I always reach for the Hipster. I also always wear the Hipster if I suspect Birdie might fall asleep. The Beco does not provide enough head support for him and his head winds up flopping around, whereas the Hipster provides the perfect hood to hold his sleeping head in place. I didn’t think I would find a SSC that I would reach for more often than my woven wraps, but I have only wrapped Birdie once or twice since we received the Hipster.

Magoo, who will be 4 next month, just had to try the Hipster. Check out how fun this thing is!

Seriously, if you love baby wearing and you’re looking for the perfect SSC to add to your stash…this is it!

Leathario Men’s Leather Tote

We wanted to give Jeremy’s boss something really special for Christmas because his boss has been so kind to us since Jeremy started working there. Jeremy had mentioned that his boss carried an older leather shoulder bag/briefcase and we thought it would be nice to surprise him with a nice, new bag.

I came across the Leathario men’s leather tote shoulder backpack on Amazon and was impressed with how many different pockets it had and how it could be used as a briefcase, satchel, or backpack. Talk about versatility!

When the bag arrived we were not disappointed. In fact, the bag was so wonderfully made that had it been offered in a darker leather I would have purchased one for my Dad, as well. The leather was soft and supple and was of a much higher quality than leather bags that you find readily available at most stores. The bag featured a laptop compartment, zippered pocket, 2 small open pockets for things such as cell phones, and two leather loops for pens or pencils.

This bag is advertised as a mens bag, but I really feel that it would suit both men and women. The bag may be a bit too large for younger children to use, but it would work well for teenagers, as well.

We couldn’t have been happier with the bag and Jeremy’s boss loved his gift!

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