Leathario Men’s Leather Tote

We wanted to give Jeremy’s boss something really special for Christmas because his boss has been so kind to us since Jeremy started working there. Jeremy had mentioned that his boss carried an older leather shoulder bag/briefcase and we thought it would be nice to surprise him with a nice, new bag.

I came across the Leathario men’s leather tote shoulder backpack on Amazon and was impressed with how many different pockets it had and how it could be used as a briefcase, satchel, or backpack. Talk about versatility!

When the bag arrived we were not disappointed. In fact, the bag was so wonderfully made that had it been offered in a darker leather I would have purchased one for my Dad, as well. The leather was soft and supple and was of a much higher quality than leather bags that you find readily available at most stores. The bag featured a laptop compartment, zippered pocket, 2 small open pockets for things such as cell phones, and two leather loops for pens or pencils.

This bag is advertised as a mens bag, but I really feel that it would suit both men and women. The bag may be a bit too large for younger children to use, but it would work well for teenagers, as well.

We couldn’t have been happier with the bag and Jeremy’s boss loved his gift!

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