Going ape

Monday is Magoo’s fourth Birthday, but last Saturday we has a joint party for her & Birdie since they are both February babies. One of Magoo’s favorite gifts was an adorable monkey backpack by Yodo. You can find Yodo’s selection of children’s luggage, backpacks, and even stylish diaper bags here.

The backpack is deceptively small. My initial thoughts were that the bag would not hold much, but boy have I been proven wrong!  Magoo tends to be a pack rat when it comes to stuffing toys and books into bags and I figured she would be disappointed that this bag didn’t hold me. That is, until I saw just how much she was able to stuff in there. Amazingly, even with stuffing the bag nearly full, it did not change the shape of the bag.

The construction and materials of this little backpack are remarkable and I anticipate we will get plenty of use out of the bag. We are getting a zoo membership this year and both Magoo and I are excited for her to use her new bag to hold her drinks and snacks while we are visiting the animals.


Magoo currently has the backpack packed to take it to her grandpa’s house. The neoprene material is perfect for wiping up those inevitable spills and there are various zippered pockets to carry all of your little ones goodies. Magoo couldn’t be happier with the bag and neither could I.