Sacred Heart Toys’ My First Rosary

Magoo received a beautiful hand-made rosary in her stocking for Christmas last year, but even at nearly 4 years-old she wasn’t quite old enough to appreciate it, nor use it on a regular basis. We have since put that rosary away until she is a bit older and she now uses her pink plastic rosary that she received in preschool ERE. I wanted Birdie to have a rosary of his own, but since he is still only 16 months-old I’ve been concerned about the choking hazards of a traditional rosary. I came across Sacred Heart Toys’ My First Rosary in Marian blue and knew it was the perfect solution.

We received our rosary some time ago and Birdie has had fun playing with it ever sin


The rosary has held up very well!

ce. It’s not necessarily a daily use item for him at this point, but he has enjoyed playing with it, shaking it (it rattles to keep baby’s attention), and holding it/chewing on it during
Mass. The rosary has ten brightly colored “beads” that represent each decade of the rosary and has a cross that is perfect for teething babies. The rosary also came with a Glorious Mysteries CD which Magoo and I have started listening to in the van. The production of the CD is beautiful and it is so heartwarming to hear the voices of the little children praying the rosary.

I can vouch for the quality of this rosary as it has received some wear and tear from Birdie and Belle, our recently adopted fur baby, has also attempted to run off with it a time or two. While the quality is enough of a reason for me to recommend any Catholic family purchasing one of these items, I think what draws me to Sacred Heart Toys even more is the kindnesss of the owner, Laurel. Laurel and I have corresponded a few times and she is such a sweet woman who runs her business based on love and faith. I can’t think of a better type of business to support. We even received a hand-written note from Laurel when our package arrived, which was just the perfect touch. I wish Laurel, her family, and her business the best in all of their endeavors and I hope that you, too, will support Sacred Heart Toys by visiting their site .

In addition to the My First Rosary, which comes in various colors in both English and Spanish, there are other Catholic gifts, such as:

Laurel & Michael MacKinnon share their story and how Sacred Heart Toys came to be here.

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