Keep them close: Rucksack with Superman toss tutorial

Yesterday was difficult for us for various reasons; Birdie had his second opinion cardiology appointment, he was fussy because he wasn’t feeling well, and I had a lot of housework to get done. I naturally went for the one thing that has always helped comfort Magoo and Birdie when everything else fails; a woven wrap. They say there’s “sleepy dust” in wraps because once you have your baby wrapped close to you they calm down and quite often fall asleep quickly. The evening before I had been grocery shopping and I had a group of cashiers & baggers asking me how I got him up on my back by myself, where I got my wrap, whether or not they could make their own, how much he weighed, and if it hurt me to wear him. They all commented on how content he was and how it was amazing that it had allowed me to fill an entire cart full of groceries while he peacefully slept on my back. They’re right; it is pretty amazing.

So, here is a quick little tutorial how to Superman the baby onto your back and wrap them in a Rucksack carry with a size 5 woven wrap. Happy wrapping. ❤