Bottle Nursing Boutique = LOVE

After my recent post about the importance of staying hydrated, I received a Drink More Water, Make More Milk flip straw water bottle from Bottle Nursing Boutique in exchange for a product review. Now, I’ll start by saying that my husband regularly pokes fun at me because he considers me to be a germaphobe. I don’t like anything that I feel like I can’t properly clean and I’m particularly nit-picky about the water bottles DH and I use or the sippy cups Magoo has used in the past. Upon initially seeing the bottles on Bottle Nursing Boutique’s website I was in love with how cute they were. What could be better than a water bottle that reminds you just why it’s so important to stay hydrated? Any lactivist would love these!

image1-2The bottle arrived via Priority Mail and upon opening the package the first thing I noticed was a little personal touch of string tied into a bow to hold bubblewrap around the bottle. I liked this. It made it feel like I was getting the bottle from a company who handles each order with care. It’s a simple touch that really sent a big message to me.

Next, I unwrapped the bottle from the bubblewrap and found that they had chosen to send me a pink bottle, which was adorable. The straw was inside the bottle, along with a card that provided a percentage off of my next purchase (which I definitely plan on using).

I washed out the bottle and added some Powerade to it and took the first drink. So easy! You don’t have to tilt the bottle back since it has a straw and I found myself regularly sipping on my drink. The contents of the bottle were gone in less than an hour, so I filled it up with water. Again, the entire contents were gone within an hour. Now, be forewarned, if you order one of these bottles you’ll probably be making an insane amount of bathroom runs within the first few days of using it, as I did, because I was taking in much more fluid than my body was used to – which is a great thing! Magoo loved the bottle so much that she kept wanting to use it and fortunately we were able to find a child-sized bottle that was similar at a major retailer.

The bottle is BPA-free and hand wash only. The fact that it is hand wash only is not an inconvenience for me because I don’t own a dishwasher (yet), but even if I did I would not be inconvenienced by having to hand wash an item that I like so well. Perhaps it would deter me with certain items, but not this one. I have washeIMG_2243d this bottle multiple times since receiving it and it’s so simple. You remove the lid, remove the straw, wash out the bottle, wash the straw with a straw brush, and wash the lid. Super simple, super quick.

I decided to go back to Bottle Nursing Boutique’s website to check out the other items they have. What an insane amount of cuteness packed into that little site! Nursing & pumping car decals, t-shirts and onesies that say “Save the Milk Makers,” personalized bottle stickers, a breastmilk cooler bag that says “Liquid Gold,” and a pumping/nursing scarf/cover that is so adorable and stylish that it looks like it should be sold in a fashion boutique.

Go check out Bottle Nursing Boutique – you won’t be disappointed!